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Claflin University's Center for Social Justice


Mission Statement 

Claflin's Center for Social Justice embodies a number of

Claflin's guiding principles, most importantly Commitment to

Valuing People. At Claflin we value people by providing a safe,

wholesome and healthy environment that fosters mutual 

respect, diversity, and inclusion.


Our Center aims:


- to serve as a resource for all to unite, educate, and advocate against
social injustices that impact our campus, as well as local,
national, and global communities;

- to support and engage students, faculty, and staff to be
transformational leaders in their communities;

- to develop innovative curriculum, encourage creative
expression and thought, and cultivate programs that engage,
affirm, and uplift those most impacted by systems of oppression; and

- to expand relationships and partnerships between the
greater Orangeburg community, South Carolina,
the United States of America, and the world.


Thank you for supporting 

Claflin University's Center for Social Justice 

and for all the ways you continue to support our Students!