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The Claflin Fund




My name is JaNasia Bracy, and I am a sophomore criminal justice

major from Dalzell, S.C. I also have a minor in psychology.


Being accepted and enrolling at Claflin University was

a dream come true – for my family and me. As the first in my family to

attend college,  I have an opportunity to begin a new legacy

for my family by earning a Claflin degree. Many of my immediate and

extended family members are counting on me to complete my college

journey successfully.

It’s a tremendous challenge – but failure is not an option.


 I am among a significant number of first-generation college students

who attend Claflin. Most of us are minorities and individuals of color

who realize that a high-quality academic experience empowers,

elevates, and transforms lives.


 At Claflin, I am a member of several campus organizations,

including the Pre-Alumni Council and the Student Activities Board.

I hold leadership positions with these organizations,

and I strive to be a positive role model for all Claflin University students.


 In addition to being a first-generation college student,

I rely on financial aid – like 80 percent of the students enrolled at

Claflin—to pay for tuition,  room and board, books, computer fees, and

other expenses. However, state and federal aid

for college students has declined while costs continue to escalate.


That’s why charitable contributions from donors like you are essential.

Your investment in students like me is an investment in the future.


 We depend on your support to help us make the most of our

career-defining college experiences. We are passionate about this

opportunity to learn, grow, and prepare ourselves to become the

next generation of globally engaged visionary leaders.



J. Bracy


Please make your generous gift today. Invest in the future.

Invest in Claflin University. Contributions can also be mailed to the

Office of Institutional Advancement, Claflin University,

400 Magnolia Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115,

and write CLAFLIN FUND in the memo line.

Your contribution is tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.




Additional Ways to Give:

Call (803) 535-5357 to donate or for more information.


Thank you again for supporting The Claflin Fund, which is also

supporting a first-generation college student like me.

Your gift is greatly appreciated!