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Claflin University Board of Visitors Launch FOCUS100


  • Focus 100 Student Fund contributes emergency funding assistance to Claflin University students who might otherwise be forced to forfeit attending school due to short term financial hardships.

  • Focus 100 Student Fund was established in 2004 and has all ready given vital assistance to at risk students who, through no fault of their own, cannot afford some or all of their books, tuition fees, housing or are unexpectedly confronted with a financial emergency.

  • Focus 100 Student Fund provides a crucial financial bridge allowing students to fulfill the dream of graduating from Claflin University and helps to eliminate the stress and heartbreak experienced by students forced to terminate degree achievement when personal resources are exhausted.

  • Focus 100 Student Fund ask only for a $100 pledge for membership in this very worthy association of alumni and friends, who can afford this manageable pledge and who might appreciate the financial challenges some Claflin students face.

  • Focus 100 Student Fund easy payment membership options – Affordable Amounts To Help A Claflin Student


  • One Annual Payment of $100   
  • Bi-Annual ayments of $50
  • Quarterly payments of $25

Become a Member Today, please contact:

Mrs. Barbara A. Chappell,
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: 803-535-5349

FOCUS100 Organizational Objectives

Support students’ needs for:

  • Tuition
  • Books
  • Fees
  • Housing
  • Emergencies

Promote a culture of support for Claflin University students by partnering with and encouraging the following groups to help fund scholarships for deserving students:

  • Friends of Claflin University
  • Local businesses and vendors
  • Family of students and alumni

FOCUS100 will be a perpetual organization and over the years to come will be a primary source of funding and financial support for students in need.